Music for Life

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on in the NE region of Central National Bank.  The bank is injecting itself into the local music scene.  CNB has partnered with over 20 local artists to help spread the enjoyment of local music.  You can find more details about how the program works at

I’m fortunate enough to be involved on both sides of this project.  I’m an employee of the bank and I’m in a local band.  While my band is not performing on Friday, we do have songs available for our new deposit customers (my Risky Shift Phenomenon plug).  This project is designed to give local musicians an affordable way to get their name and, more importantly, their music out to the public… period.  That is why I’m such an advocate of this venture. 

CNB has a unique opportunity in Lawrence to appeal to a younger generation.  With so much great local music in Lawrence, this project targets not only the young “Gen Y’’ crowd, but it’s sure to transcend to all generations.  I’ve noticed that banks tend to offer similar products and services, so it’s important that banks find ways to distinguish themselves.  All banks tend to take pride in providing high levels of customer service, but getting involved with the local music scene further separates CNB from the pack.

The inaugural event is being held at the Granada on Friday, September 28th.  There will be four local bands performing from 8:30-12:00.  And to top it off, Lazer 105.9’s Chris Merrill will be hosting the event.  I hope to see you all at the event and encourage you to keep tabs on the progress of Music for Life.

Author – Tim Mock


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